Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Review of The New Yorker story: The Yellow

As part of my creative writing course, I have read quite a few stories in The New Yorker, which is now one of my favorite magazines. The Yellow written by Samantha Hunt, author of The Invention of Everything Else (2009,) is a fictional short story published in the November 29 issue.

Roy suffers from a mid-life crisis of sorts, after he and his wife break up and he is living in his parents basement
at 42 years old. While his parents are away for the weekend, he has a mild breakdown: he first paints his room a bright yellow, and when that isn't enough, he goes on a drive to clear his head. Distracted in an attempt to find a good song on the radio, Roy hits a dog on the road, killing it. Roy takes the dead dog to the house it came from, a lonely housewife answers the door, and in an emotional moment, things get a little bit spicy between the two.

I quite enjoyed the story that has brilliant pacing and description. The hookup between Roy and the housewife was a well-written love scene, giving the reader just even juicy details to get a bit fired up, but not going into the realms of soft-core.

The twist at the end (not to worry, I will not spoil it for you, bloggers) leaves the reader shocked and wanting more.

Give it a read!

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