Monday, November 21, 2011

What's your Jones?

I got my first glimpse into the exciting world of advertising when I was just a young & naive high school student in miss Jones' grade 12 transactional English class. In groups, we created a campaign for Jones soda and produced ads for print and TV that we pitched to miss Jones, who then picked a winner.

Our campaign's "big idea" was What's Your Jones? I came up with the slogan and acted as creative director for the group. I loved every minute of creating and pitching the campaign and I remember thinking, "is this even schoolwork? Because I am having way too much fun!"

The What's Your Jones campaign won the pitch and the prize of 20 bonus marks. It even beat out the class keeners who made Jones Soda t-shirts for their pitch.

I knew that I had discovered what I wanted to do with my life... Ten years later, here I am, finally doing it. Still loving it.

I spent this past weekend at school working on my campaign for World's Finest Chocolate. I stopped at 7eleven on the way to pick up some study provisions, and the Jones Soda in the fridge caught my eye. I figured I'd take a walk down memory lane to my first campaign for some nostalgic inspiration and bought the fancy soda.

One of Jones Soda's unique selling feature that we mentioned in the What's Your Jones campaign is the fortune that you find under the bottle cap. The fortune under my bottle cap read:

"Your hard work will soon show results."

Being in the midst of the working harder than I ever had and being closer to my goal than I have been, I find it quite fitting. :)

What's Your Jones?
•2oz orange-flavoured vodka
•1 bottle Jones Cream Soda
•1 scoop vanilla ice cream

-Pour vodka and cream soda into a tall glass with just a few ice cubes. Add ice cream on top. Stir. Celebrate finding your Jones!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Man, those lights sure are bright...

Chelsea handler is my idol: she's a brilliant writer; she's beautiful; and she says anything she damn well wants to! Read one of Handler's four New York Times Best selling books get some insight to this hilarious woman with a quick wit and a dirty mouth.

The only woman in a man's world with her own a late night TV show, Chelsea Lately, she also has my dream job.

When I started my Comedy Writing class in September, I knew going in that she was the type of comedian I wanted to be. Last night at Rumours Comedy Club, I had that opportunity. On stage, in front of 200 of my classmates and their closest family and friends, I preformed a 2 and a half minute routine in which I made anyone sitting next to a parent or teacher feel slightly uncomfortable.

Between the "Official Jets' STI," Beiber being a baby daddy (allegedly, of course) and men's facial expression at the point of orgasm, I got loads of laughs!

Comments from my classmates: "Haha, soooo funny! &"Whoa. you've got balls, girl!"

Yep. I think I'd make my idol proud!

Enjoy this clip from Chelsea in the beginning of her stand up career.

Another thing I love about Chelsea is how open she is about her love affair with vodka, she even called her second book Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea.

So of course this weeks' cocktail will be made with miss Handler in mind.

Lately on the Rocks
-3oz Belvedere Vodka (the primary sponsor of Chelsea's latest book tour)
-3 lemon wedges

In a glass full of ice, pour vodka and squeeze in the juice from lemon wedges. Let chill for a minute before enjoying! Here's to good times and bad decisions! ;)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Date Fun!

I've always thought the best first date to be mini-golfing: it's a great time and a great way to get to know someone. That is of course until a guy took me skeet-shooting for our first date...

Yep, skeet shooting. I'm not even kidding, even though at first, I thought he was.

He definitely got some points for originality and I was looking for any excuse to put off doing my homework, so I accepted his offer to take me to the firing range. After a quick stop to pick up coffee, donuts and ammunition, we were off to the country to enjoy a chilly autumn Sunday.

After a few misfires and some a few pointers from the firing range staff, who encouraged me to join the women's summer rifle club, I actually hit a target (are they called 'skeets'? I don't know!)

Turns out I'm pretty much the next Annie Oakley :).

Watch out, mini golf. I may just have a new favourite!

Jerry's Ammo
•2oz Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rhum
•2 oz Coke
•2 0z Gingerale
•Lime wedge

-Mix all ingredients into a glass filled with ice.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting older, not wiser.

How is it that the reminder of getting older somehow makes me act more childish? I party like I'm 21, eat like I'm 13, and have grandiose notions about the whole event like a 16 year old teenager brainwashed by romantic comedies.

Surely this behavior is followed by: debilitating hangovers, tummy aches and disappointment. Will I ever learn my lesson?

Here's a delicious creamy martini that tastes just like birthday cake! Yummmmm!!

Piece of Cake
•1.5 oz Vanilla Vodka (Stoli if you can)
•.5 oz Amaretto
•1 oz 2% milk (half & half cream if you're feeling skinny)
•Lemon zest

-Shake all ingredients together in a shaker full of ice, strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a birthday candle and some great friends!!

Here's to getting older but never growing up!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Case of the Mondays...

It may be the gloomy, chilly wheather, the full moon, or the heaps of homework stealing any remaining back to school novelty, but I have got a serious case of the Mondays....

How quickly the excitement of back to school can turn into reality: late nights at school; neverending 'to-do' lists; no sleep, money, time or social life.

Oh well, at least I get to wear my favorite scarves and boots again. Hardly seems like any consolation.
Temperatures are dropping, so heat things up with a spicy Caesar! Anything that doubles as a cocktail and a meal works for all us starving students out there

This fantastic Canadian cocktail can be made with various spices and garnishes, but my this recipe is the best I've tried thanks to the secret ingredient:

•Use Montreal steak spice instead of celery salt to rim the glass!

G's Ceasar
1 tbsp olive juice
1 tbsp pickle juice
2 oz vodka
2 squirts worcheshire
2 squirts tobasco
Clamato juice

-Mix all ingredients in a Montreal steak spice rimmed glass full of ice. Stir. Garnish with a mini pickle and mini olive.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Am I Funny??

I have always believed that I am a funny individual. This week I had my first Comedy Writing class, a second year elective in the Creative Communications program, and was shown the harsh reality that being funny ain't easy, and maybe I am not nearly as hilarious as I think I am. We were assigned a joke journal, in the form of a daily tweet, and all of a sudden, I became very afraid. Tweet something funny once a day? The concept seemed impossible! Until I went to work at my serving job that night. The place is a goldmine for questionable social behavior and idiotic questions ('do you make your mojitos with mint here?")

If you are on twitter, be sure to follow me @RachelleLTaylor and get out the #jokejournal hashtag to see my progress... Unless I've served you, then it's probably best not to.

And just to clarify, mojitos are always made with mint!

Classic Mojito
•4 lime wedges
•5-7 mint leaves
•Simple syrup (substitute white sugar if you don't have)
•Amber rum (Flor de Cana or Ron Zacapa are my favourites)
•Soda water

Muddle the mint, sugar and lime wedges until the mint is nice and smooshed, add ice, rum and top with soda. Stir and enjoy...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sky High Cocktails

Friends, cocktails and stunning views of a majestic city came together to create a truly incredible experience in Toronto. The holiday was much needed after what has turned out to be a cruel, cruel summer spent working way too much.

It was my final "hoorah" before it's back to class and I made sure to enjoy every last minute of my summer vacation with some delicious cocktails of course: Italian wine and lost memories savoured with an ex-lover over pizza and pasta in Little Italy; berry margaritas and mojitos at a sunny happy hour in the Financial District with my bestie; kiwi caipirinhas and spiked lemonades sipped poolside on the rooftop of the city's trendiest hotel. And, of course, a slew of cocktails were consumed whilst enjoying the city's nightlife at patios and bars all around town (thanks to the Zip-Zang-Zing! Theory)

The highlight of the trip was the pairing of Procecco, room service, and chick flicks in a king sized bed with my two favourite ladies; it was a grown up slumber party full of teenage-girl giggles!

The weekend of over-indulgence ended with a gastronomic sky-high treat: a three course lunch in the restaurant at the top of the CN tower! Breathtaking views, incredible company and mojitos (made with real sugar cane and with vodka substituted for rum) made it a perfect send-off after an incredible vacation.

Back to school, routine and reality today... Cheers to that!

Kiwi Caipirinha
- 2 oz cachaca*
- 4 lime wedges
-Super-fine sugar
- 1/4 of a ripe kiwi, diced
-Soda water

•In a shaker, muddle the limes, kiwi and sugar, add cachaca and ice. Shake it up real good! Empty the shakers' contents into a rocks glass, top with fresh ice and soda. Garnish with kiwi slice.

*Cachaca is a Brazilian liquor that has a similar flavour to tequila and is available at most liquor stores

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm A Slave 4 U

This weekend, I had the rare opportunity (as a person working in the hospitality industry) to enjoy a long weekend at the lake, or at least part thereof. It was fantastic. Up until my white Black Berry was accidentally run over. For those who know me well, this is no surprise. Stuff like this always happens to me.

While mourning the loss of my "white berry" that I had become so attached to over the years, I have been living sans-phone. Although extremely frustrating for the first 36 hours, I have now have grown a liking to being out of touch.

Here are my top reasons for loving life without a smart phone (only for the moment, of course!)

The Art of Conversation: Remember the good ol' days before lol, wtf, and bff?? When you actually had to make a phone call (and know their number) to find out how someone was doing and to make plans?? With no smart phone facilitating communication through text and fb, I am learning numbers by heart, making phone calls, and in a 5 minute conversation, actually getting caught up with someone rather than hours of back and fourth messaging.

No constant checking of your phone or ghost-rings: You swear you just felt your phone vibrate, when in fact no messages are waiting for you once you finally dig your phone from the depths of your bag. No phone=no disappointment.

No texting those you shouldn't be: After seeing an Icon preform songs that bring you back to a more promiscuous time, temptation to send an "innocent" text to an ex arises. Without your precious phone harbouring his number at bay, contact becomes impossible. It's a God-send, really.

-Getting lost in a good book: With no "be-beep"s breaking your concentration, you'd be surprised how easy it is to get caught up in a great book. Since the incident, I have finished two AMAZING books: Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me (Chelsea Handler) & Bossy Pants (Tina Fey.) I definitely recommend turning your smart phone off for an afternoon and sink your teeth into either of these book by incredibly hilarious women.

-Lastly, you're FREE!! I am sorry to my friends that I am a hard person to get a hold of at the moment. But, I cannot be tracked down, and once I am out, I am over and out! There is something so freeing about knowing that no one can get a hold of you. It feels like a simpler time. That being said, it may prove difficult to make plans or find each other when we get separated at a busy bar. But, when you are with me you will have my full and undivided attention. Without being a slave for technology, I am all yours!

Blackberry, I am A Slave to you no more!!

Of course, without the distraction of a smart phone, I need to keep things interesting. That's where cocktails come in. Give this killer white sangria recipe a try and shake things up a bit. Even if you aren't going to get rid of that damned smart phone!

Triple B Sangria (Makes 1 Pitcher)

•1 Bottle fruity white wine (Pinot Grigio or Riesling)
•2 cups white cranberry juice (regular, peach, or strawberry)
•Juice from 1 lime
•1 cup of fruit: Strawberries, peaches, and/or blueberries (fresh or frozen)

Combine all liquids into a pitcher half full with ice and stir. Pour servings into wine glasses with ice and add fruit. Cheers to summer time!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hoping summer tunes and summer drinks will bring summer weather!

C'mon summer!!!

Yes, I know the forecast is calling for snow today in beautiful Winnipeg, but I thought I'd give you, my wonderful bloggers, a musical treat that I forecast to be a big big hit this summer.

Not only do you get a killer summer song, but a fantastic summer cocktail. I saw Anthony Bourdain trying a Terremotto in Santiago Chile, and I had to try at home, and believe me, it is mind-blowing how good this simple drink is.

Cheers! Happy Friday!

(English translation: earthquake)

-1 1/2 cups white wine
-1 scoop pineapple ice cream

-This Chilean cocktail is simple, add a scoop of pineapple ice cream to white wine, stir and enjoy. For an extra kick, add a shot of vodka to the mix!
So so soooooo good and true to its name.

Friday, April 8, 2011


This week, I raised my voice in a class discussion about an issue I believed to be unfair. Some of my classmates, who were on the benefitting end of my perceived injustice, weren't too happy with me and my big mouth.

Thing is, I was raised to speak my mind...

When I was ten years old, our softball team played in a Provincial tournament. Three games into the tourney, we were undefeated and looking at a playoff spot. Two of the girls had to other engagements (probably a dance recital), so we were left with only eight players. No biggie, we still could play: we'd just have to take an automatic-out every time that ninth batter would have gone up to bat.

The umpire made the call, and decided that she wouldn't let us play with only eight players, and called the game. We were heartbroken, how could she not let us play when there was a clear and fair alternative that would allow us to?? My dad, coach Taylor, a high-school football star, got the team into a huddle,

"do you think this is unfair? do you girls want to play?"

he asked, to which we all answered, in our high pitched voices, "Of course we want to play, we're undefeated in this tournament, this is SOOOOO unfair!"

Coach Taylor taught us a very important lesson that day, "when you think something isn't right or is unfair, you can stand up for yourselves. That is what we are going to do today: we will not leave the field until they let us play, who's with me?"

We all were, and the team protested the umpire's call. We sat on the pitchers mound, eight girls in baseball uniforms and my dad, refusing to move until we got to play. It took 20 minutes, when the head umpire of the tournament realized we were serious, and we were allowed to play.

I don't remember the specifics, like whether we won the tournament, or even the game, but I will never forget what Coach Taylor taught us...

To those who felt attacked by my speaking up, I apologize, I hope this helps you understand why I couldn't possibly keep my mouth shut.

Outspoken Orange Creamsicle
-2oz Vanilla Vodka
-Orange Crush
-Orange slice

•In a glass full of ice, pour in vodka, and fill the glass halfway with Orange Crush, fill the remainder with milk, stir and garnish with an orange slice. Taste just like those long summer days as a kid, only spiked!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making dreams real!

As part of a project for second year CreComm we have to propose and create an Independent Professional Project (IPP), it can be pretty much anything creative that you can sell to the scary panel of teachers that read your proposal and then interrogate you and your idea and attempt to rip it to shreds.

When the current second year students presented their IPPs, they offered advice to us first years who were in the process of conjuring up ideas. They said to do something that you are passionate about, and that you may never have the opportunity to do again, which really got me thinking....

What have I always wanted to do, am passionate about, and may never have the opportunity to do again??? Play college basketball!

I was inspired by a past blog post to take this idea and make it my IPP. I proposed to the panel that I train and make the Red River Rebels basketball team next year, I will blog about it and create a video documentary that will be posted online through the blog at the end of the basketball season. The working title: I wish I was a baller.

The panel approved my crazy idea, and now it looks like I am actually going to have to do this thing.... EEEP! ID camps start next week...

I guess it's time to start shooting some hoops!

Hoop Dreams
1oz - Vanilla Vodka
1oz - kaluah

-in a glass full of ice, pout in the liquor first, followed by the coke, and then top off with the milk (use equal parts milk and coke). Stir. Garnish with cherry.

Stay tuned for my new blog!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's over!!

If you wold have told me five years ago that I would be spending countless nights at school past closing time, begging the security guards to stay 'just a bit later' to do homework, I would've laughed at you. Right to your face.

But, somehow, this is my life now... And the creation of this magazine, this all-encompassing magazine is done!! I had no idea I had it in me to work this hard, and am so happy to say that it is done, and that the finished product lo
oks awesome (or as Al would say 'bitchin!)

HeadRush magazine is ready to be launched!!

Come down to the Creative Communications Magazine Trade Fair on Thursday, March 31st @ RRC's Exchange District Campus and check it us out!

Here's a sneak peak.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do.

I love love! I always have, probably always will.

There is nothing more exciting than getting to know someone new who you have that *spark* --the undeniable click--with. Everything about them seems just perfect, you get so lost in attraction and lust, life becomes a fun game: will he call or text you? When he does, how long will you wait till you text/call him back? You check your phone hoping you'll have a nice little present in the form of a text message or e-mail from them that makes your heart do somersaults and a puts a goofy grin on your face for the rest of the day.

Thoughts of him make you so elated, you overlook that he spelt to when it should have been too.

Ah! The beginning... it's all sunshine, butterflies and rainbows. A world where you believe that nothing could ever possibly go wrong; nothing could burst this glorious little bubble.

But those things you were willing to overlook in the beginning, when your judgement was clouded by lust, don't go away. The qualities you once thought were adorable and endearing, you now find annoying and infuriating.

When the realization comes, and you know that the person sitting in front of you is not the right one for you, why is it so hard to break it off?? And even if the breakup is amicable, why does it still hurt??

Well, the thing is, breaking off a romance sucks, no matter how mature you are about it. It makes you feel a little bit like a fool to have gotten involved with someone with who, in hindsight you kinda knew it could never have worked out with in the first place. But, if you are anything like me, regardless of how wrong you may have been for each other, you still think back and analyze every moment, wondering if there was something you could have done differently that would have resulted in a not so unplesant outcome.

But living with a heavy heart is tough. How do you get over a heartbreak?? Well here are some quick tips to help in dealing with heartache.

1• Be active-- When you are in a relationship, it is easy to forget about your fitness and get a little squishy. Get back to the gym or yoga, or just go for a long walk! The endorphins released through exercise is exactly what you need to kick you out of your breakup slump.

2• Get back in the game-- I am not saying to jump right into another relationship, but, going on a harmless little date to boost your confidence will help in healing your bruised heart, and remind you that this breakup is not, in fact, the end of the world. For first date tips, click here and here

3•Stay busy-- Idle hands are not good when you are newly single: they can lead to excess facebook creeping and sending of emotional text messages... Keep busy by staying active, reading a book or picking up an old hobby. Spend time with your bffs who have not been seeing very much of you!
4• Enroll in CreComm- The Creative Communications program is so eff-ing busy, that between chatting with hockey wives at the Moose game, then writing a story about it on a tight deadline, playing director in the creation of a hilarious infomercial, and working on photos and layout for a magazine you are creating, producing and launching, you will no time to even think about your bruised little heart.

Break-up Blues
-2 oz blueberry vodka
-5 mint leaves
-soda water
-1 lime
-5 blueberries

-Squeeze the juice from the lime into a glass with the 5 mint leaves, muddle
-Pour in vodka, add the blueberries, fill glass with ice
-fill glass with soda water, stir


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Wise Words

I am a libra, represented in the zodiac by the scales. I am always seeking equality, always weighing things out, believing that things should be fair and just, speaking up and fighting back when they are not.

When I was growing up, I would always compare what I had to what my brothers had: presents, trips, attention, everything. I always had to weigh it out. Even though my parents did their best to treat and spoil us equally, it wasn't always the case, and every time there was an injustice, I would say to my father, "that's not fair!!!" To which he would reply, every single time "life is not fair, get used to it."

This week I was a victim of something I believe wasn't fair, and couldn't help but be upset and angry at my perceived injustice, until I remembered my father's wise words and was able to move on.... Thanks dad!

Instead of a cocktail, I will leave you with a musical treat: some more wise words my father would sing to me: you can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need.


Friday, March 4, 2011

-37... What??

I have been quite fortunate in that my first Winnipeg winter in years had been kind to me. Over my holiday, whilst sitting at the pool bar enjoying my favorite slushy concoctions, people would say "Winnipeg, brrrr.... Sounds cold!!' To which I would reply, "actually it's not so bad." I spoke too soon

After another set of flight delays and yet another stop-over in Toronto, I made it back to Winnipeg after 8 incredible days spent with my old friends frolicking in the sun. I rushed to school, made it in the knick of time for my first class, only 2 minutes late. From class I went straight to work, and not even one day back from my holiday, already I was already too busy to realize that I had been on holiday at all.

The following day, I woke up to a beautiful Winnipeg day: minus 37 degrees with the windchill. For my friends from tropical lands who cannot comprehend what that feels like, (or do not believe me when I say that people actually live in a city where it gets that cold) it is a cold, harsh slap in the face. Your cheeks freeze almost immediately, running from your car to school/home/work, sometimes backwards as to not face the wind head-on, is necessary . It is terrible... beyond terrible, unbearable!!

Only 2 days before I was swimming in the sea, and skipping along the beach in the sand.

Like the Aussies and Caymanians who will read this (it was so great to hear you've been enjoying my blog, please keep reading) I also wonder, why the hell does anyone live here?? Sure, it's cheap... but what about the extra money spent on heating bills, a dependable car that will survive the cold, winter tires, and the sun getaway necessary to cope with the frigid temperatures? Yeah, the people are great, and good family and friends are here, but the city never changes nor do the people who live here (well, very seldomly), so why not live somewhere with a more temperate climate and come back and enjoy the city for it's benefits, the friendly Manitobans, in the summer??

Hmmmmmm...... I believe that was my life once upon a time, and must be again someday.

For our journalism class today we are traveling within Manitoba and writing a travel article about a city/town in our "beautiful" province. My group has the pleasure of traveling to Gimli, in the Icelandic language, Gimli means "paradise," however, I don't know that I'll agree with what anyone from the land-of-ice deems to be idyllic. Stay tuned for the article. Maybe it'll entice you to visit if this post hasn't turned you off of the idea of Manitoba forever.

Have a happy Friday, stay warm with my favourtie hot cocktail

-2oz baileys
-5 oz hot chocolate (made with milk and choco power)
-whipped cream
-chocolate shavings

-pretty self-explanitory, simplistic and delicious.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Au Revoir

After a rough 48 hours of delays, cancelled flights, and more delays, I finally made it to my island in the sun!

I have changed quite a bit in this last year since leaving the island. I left to pursue personal growth in my prairie hometown, to study Creative Communications, working hard to get good grades and become a better writer. All with the hopes of someday achieving success: being happy in a creative and dynamic career.

For those of you unfamiliar with GCM, well, I'll just say that for most of the great people that inhabit the island, Grand Cayman is a place focused on the pursuit of pleasure, not personal growth.

In this year I have been away I have changed drastically whereas the island has not. Sure a few of the restaurants are called by a new name, and there are some new face who have run away from home to la-la-land and pursue the beach life. But all in all, it's the same.

I am able to see it clearly now... this is not the place for me. I want more than this... Yes, the boat parties, sunset sails, island tours, beach walks and slushy cocktails with friends are great, but it is not the life for me.

Time to set off and pursue pleasure for my last 48 hours on-island, before I return home, off to bigger things.

Bye Bye Cayman. I don't think I'll be back. For the great friends I have that remain on-island... let's live it up!

This little treat was created by my Cayman sister, Michelle. Cheers!


-2oz Stoli Vodka

-4 oz Limeade juice

-3 frozen strawberries

-mix all ingredients in a plastic cup with ice. Enjoy with great friends while watching the sun set over the Caribbean Sea.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Years ago I made a decision to no longer fall deeply or passionately in love with anyone, leaving myself open to my one and only ever true love: Travel. I'd figured this would keep me safe from heart break.

I love everything about traveling: people watching in the airport cafés; killing time browsing in book stores; the random conversations with characters whose name you never catch; the thump of the customs stamp permanently imprinting the country in my passport; waking up in a foreign land, with endless possibilities outside your door.

AhhH! *Swoon*

After a five-year courtshipsgalavanting around the world, exploring fifteen countries across four continents, our relationship had to be put on hold while I returned home to study. I thought he'd understand.

In the months leading up to my spring break Caribbean getaway, I would fantasize of our getting back together. I bought magazines and novels for the trip. I wondered what movies the in-flght entertainment system would have waiting for me. I was excited to use the self-serve kiosks, to go through security, to spark up a conversation with a stranger sitting next to me at the airport bar. I was looking forward to the trip just as much as I looked forward to the tropical destination.

Turns out I was wrong and that even Travel can break your heart.

I had a bad feeling right form the moment I got to the airport to catch my 6:30 flight to Toronto, just waiting for something to go wrong, but I got through check-in in a breeze, even avoiding charges for my surplus or over-weight bags. I wasn't randomly selected in security for a laptop-swab-test (something that I have never understood anyway) or a pat-down, all was going a bit-too-smoothy... I had one of those feelings that it was too good to be true, and to my chagin, I was right.

It took six hours from our initial departure time for the flight to eventually be canceled due to the snowy weather conditions. Two hours spent on the plane waiting on the tarmak, the rest waiting in a desolate airport lobby with not a single store open.

I would miss my connection to my tropical paradise, and airline staff informed me there were no available seats for five days. I felt my heart break into tiny little pieces upon realizing that the trip I had been working and saving for the last 5 months may not get to happen. My heart sunk, and I blamed myself for allowing myself to love something so deeply in the first place. All because of a blizzard.

Have a ever mentioned how much I hate winter??

I have learnt that in this life who you know matters just as much as what you know, and well, a boy I know with super-elite aeroplan status made a call for me, and got me my own little airline assistant working through the night to find me a flight to my island paradise. I may be getting there a day late and a buck short, but, my I will get to my island in the sun. And as far as my #1 love, I'm going to give him a second shot.

Have a great reading week to my fellow CreCommers!!! Want to live through my Caribbean adventures, mix one of these bad boys up! The obstacles I've faced are going to make taste so much better when I finally get there!!

Cayman Lemonade

1 oz Vodka
1 oz Triple Sec
1 oz peach schnapps
Cranberry juice
Club soda

Mix the vodka, triple sec and peach schnapps in a shaker and pour over ice. Add a squeeze of lime and a splash each of cranberry juice and soda. Stir and enjoy. Yah Mon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


One of the great things about being a bartender at hip and cool bars is having the opportunity to meet some really cool and inspiring people.

Throughout my bartending carreer, I have: schmoozed famous actors, gotten great tips from former teenage-boy-band idols; served cosmopolitans to the writer that started the Sex and the City revolution; taken shots with a Cocktail King and world famous mixologist; and drink Grey Goose on ice on a yacht in Caribbean while having a chat with the French maitre-de-chai who came up with the recipe.

Being in the presence of success simply inspires me. I ask myself (and if I have the chance, I ask them,) how did this person get to this position?

Being inspired doesn't only happen while rubbing elbows with big names. This week, as a lowly starving student, inspiration found me.

Julie Wilson was our weekly guest speaker, she is creator of Seen Reading, a blog she writes about people she sees reading on public transit. With a brief description of the person, the book they were reading, and the approximate page/passage of the book they were reading when "seen" Wilson creates a micro-fiction story of that person. She has done this over 700 times and hopes that Seen Reading inspires people to buy books.

It worked, I was at Chapters that very night spending some time with my long lost companion, the book.

Seen Reading is going to be published into a book. Wilson accredits this to her self-promotion through social media. What resonated with me was her 9:1 rule about new media. For every 1 self-promoting tweet/facebook status, you have to put out 9 engaging and entertaining ones.

Since CreComm has taken over, I hadn't taken the time to snuggle up with a good book. Thank you Julie.

Inspired -
A great cocktail to enjoy with your favorite book

1 oz bailey
1/2 oz kaluah
1/2 oz frangelico

Mix all ingredients together in your favorite coffee mug. Get cozy. Enjoy some well-deserved "me time"