Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Date Fun!

I've always thought the best first date to be mini-golfing: it's a great time and a great way to get to know someone. That is of course until a guy took me skeet-shooting for our first date...

Yep, skeet shooting. I'm not even kidding, even though at first, I thought he was.

He definitely got some points for originality and I was looking for any excuse to put off doing my homework, so I accepted his offer to take me to the firing range. After a quick stop to pick up coffee, donuts and ammunition, we were off to the country to enjoy a chilly autumn Sunday.

After a few misfires and some a few pointers from the firing range staff, who encouraged me to join the women's summer rifle club, I actually hit a target (are they called 'skeets'? I don't know!)

Turns out I'm pretty much the next Annie Oakley :).

Watch out, mini golf. I may just have a new favourite!

Jerry's Ammo
•2oz Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rhum
•2 oz Coke
•2 0z Gingerale
•Lime wedge

-Mix all ingredients into a glass filled with ice.

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