Monday, November 21, 2011

What's your Jones?

I got my first glimpse into the exciting world of advertising when I was just a young & naive high school student in miss Jones' grade 12 transactional English class. In groups, we created a campaign for Jones soda and produced ads for print and TV that we pitched to miss Jones, who then picked a winner.

Our campaign's "big idea" was What's Your Jones? I came up with the slogan and acted as creative director for the group. I loved every minute of creating and pitching the campaign and I remember thinking, "is this even schoolwork? Because I am having way too much fun!"

The What's Your Jones campaign won the pitch and the prize of 20 bonus marks. It even beat out the class keeners who made Jones Soda t-shirts for their pitch.

I knew that I had discovered what I wanted to do with my life... Ten years later, here I am, finally doing it. Still loving it.

I spent this past weekend at school working on my campaign for World's Finest Chocolate. I stopped at 7eleven on the way to pick up some study provisions, and the Jones Soda in the fridge caught my eye. I figured I'd take a walk down memory lane to my first campaign for some nostalgic inspiration and bought the fancy soda.

One of Jones Soda's unique selling feature that we mentioned in the What's Your Jones campaign is the fortune that you find under the bottle cap. The fortune under my bottle cap read:

"Your hard work will soon show results."

Being in the midst of the working harder than I ever had and being closer to my goal than I have been, I find it quite fitting. :)

What's Your Jones?
•2oz orange-flavoured vodka
•1 bottle Jones Cream Soda
•1 scoop vanilla ice cream

-Pour vodka and cream soda into a tall glass with just a few ice cubes. Add ice cream on top. Stir. Celebrate finding your Jones!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Man, those lights sure are bright...

Chelsea handler is my idol: she's a brilliant writer; she's beautiful; and she says anything she damn well wants to! Read one of Handler's four New York Times Best selling books get some insight to this hilarious woman with a quick wit and a dirty mouth.

The only woman in a man's world with her own a late night TV show, Chelsea Lately, she also has my dream job.

When I started my Comedy Writing class in September, I knew going in that she was the type of comedian I wanted to be. Last night at Rumours Comedy Club, I had that opportunity. On stage, in front of 200 of my classmates and their closest family and friends, I preformed a 2 and a half minute routine in which I made anyone sitting next to a parent or teacher feel slightly uncomfortable.

Between the "Official Jets' STI," Beiber being a baby daddy (allegedly, of course) and men's facial expression at the point of orgasm, I got loads of laughs!

Comments from my classmates: "Haha, soooo funny! &"Whoa. you've got balls, girl!"

Yep. I think I'd make my idol proud!

Enjoy this clip from Chelsea in the beginning of her stand up career.

Another thing I love about Chelsea is how open she is about her love affair with vodka, she even called her second book Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea.

So of course this weeks' cocktail will be made with miss Handler in mind.

Lately on the Rocks
-3oz Belvedere Vodka (the primary sponsor of Chelsea's latest book tour)
-3 lemon wedges

In a glass full of ice, pour vodka and squeeze in the juice from lemon wedges. Let chill for a minute before enjoying! Here's to good times and bad decisions! ;)