Monday, September 12, 2011

Case of the Mondays...

It may be the gloomy, chilly wheather, the full moon, or the heaps of homework stealing any remaining back to school novelty, but I have got a serious case of the Mondays....

How quickly the excitement of back to school can turn into reality: late nights at school; neverending 'to-do' lists; no sleep, money, time or social life.

Oh well, at least I get to wear my favorite scarves and boots again. Hardly seems like any consolation.
Temperatures are dropping, so heat things up with a spicy Caesar! Anything that doubles as a cocktail and a meal works for all us starving students out there

This fantastic Canadian cocktail can be made with various spices and garnishes, but my this recipe is the best I've tried thanks to the secret ingredient:

•Use Montreal steak spice instead of celery salt to rim the glass!

G's Ceasar
1 tbsp olive juice
1 tbsp pickle juice
2 oz vodka
2 squirts worcheshire
2 squirts tobasco
Clamato juice

-Mix all ingredients in a Montreal steak spice rimmed glass full of ice. Stir. Garnish with a mini pickle and mini olive.

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