Monday, September 5, 2011

Am I Funny??

I have always believed that I am a funny individual. This week I had my first Comedy Writing class, a second year elective in the Creative Communications program, and was shown the harsh reality that being funny ain't easy, and maybe I am not nearly as hilarious as I think I am. We were assigned a joke journal, in the form of a daily tweet, and all of a sudden, I became very afraid. Tweet something funny once a day? The concept seemed impossible! Until I went to work at my serving job that night. The place is a goldmine for questionable social behavior and idiotic questions ('do you make your mojitos with mint here?")

If you are on twitter, be sure to follow me @RachelleLTaylor and get out the #jokejournal hashtag to see my progress... Unless I've served you, then it's probably best not to.

And just to clarify, mojitos are always made with mint!

Classic Mojito
•4 lime wedges
•5-7 mint leaves
•Simple syrup (substitute white sugar if you don't have)
•Amber rum (Flor de Cana or Ron Zacapa are my favourites)
•Soda water

Muddle the mint, sugar and lime wedges until the mint is nice and smooshed, add ice, rum and top with soda. Stir and enjoy...

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