Thursday, February 10, 2011


One of the great things about being a bartender at hip and cool bars is having the opportunity to meet some really cool and inspiring people.

Throughout my bartending carreer, I have: schmoozed famous actors, gotten great tips from former teenage-boy-band idols; served cosmopolitans to the writer that started the Sex and the City revolution; taken shots with a Cocktail King and world famous mixologist; and drink Grey Goose on ice on a yacht in Caribbean while having a chat with the French maitre-de-chai who came up with the recipe.

Being in the presence of success simply inspires me. I ask myself (and if I have the chance, I ask them,) how did this person get to this position?

Being inspired doesn't only happen while rubbing elbows with big names. This week, as a lowly starving student, inspiration found me.

Julie Wilson was our weekly guest speaker, she is creator of Seen Reading, a blog she writes about people she sees reading on public transit. With a brief description of the person, the book they were reading, and the approximate page/passage of the book they were reading when "seen" Wilson creates a micro-fiction story of that person. She has done this over 700 times and hopes that Seen Reading inspires people to buy books.

It worked, I was at Chapters that very night spending some time with my long lost companion, the book.

Seen Reading is going to be published into a book. Wilson accredits this to her self-promotion through social media. What resonated with me was her 9:1 rule about new media. For every 1 self-promoting tweet/facebook status, you have to put out 9 engaging and entertaining ones.

Since CreComm has taken over, I hadn't taken the time to snuggle up with a good book. Thank you Julie.

Inspired -
A great cocktail to enjoy with your favorite book

1 oz bailey
1/2 oz kaluah
1/2 oz frangelico

Mix all ingredients together in your favorite coffee mug. Get cozy. Enjoy some well-deserved "me time"

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