Friday, April 8, 2011


This week, I raised my voice in a class discussion about an issue I believed to be unfair. Some of my classmates, who were on the benefitting end of my perceived injustice, weren't too happy with me and my big mouth.

Thing is, I was raised to speak my mind...

When I was ten years old, our softball team played in a Provincial tournament. Three games into the tourney, we were undefeated and looking at a playoff spot. Two of the girls had to other engagements (probably a dance recital), so we were left with only eight players. No biggie, we still could play: we'd just have to take an automatic-out every time that ninth batter would have gone up to bat.

The umpire made the call, and decided that she wouldn't let us play with only eight players, and called the game. We were heartbroken, how could she not let us play when there was a clear and fair alternative that would allow us to?? My dad, coach Taylor, a high-school football star, got the team into a huddle,

"do you think this is unfair? do you girls want to play?"

he asked, to which we all answered, in our high pitched voices, "Of course we want to play, we're undefeated in this tournament, this is SOOOOO unfair!"

Coach Taylor taught us a very important lesson that day, "when you think something isn't right or is unfair, you can stand up for yourselves. That is what we are going to do today: we will not leave the field until they let us play, who's with me?"

We all were, and the team protested the umpire's call. We sat on the pitchers mound, eight girls in baseball uniforms and my dad, refusing to move until we got to play. It took 20 minutes, when the head umpire of the tournament realized we were serious, and we were allowed to play.

I don't remember the specifics, like whether we won the tournament, or even the game, but I will never forget what Coach Taylor taught us...

To those who felt attacked by my speaking up, I apologize, I hope this helps you understand why I couldn't possibly keep my mouth shut.

Outspoken Orange Creamsicle
-2oz Vanilla Vodka
-Orange Crush
-Orange slice

•In a glass full of ice, pour in vodka, and fill the glass halfway with Orange Crush, fill the remainder with milk, stir and garnish with an orange slice. Taste just like those long summer days as a kid, only spiked!


  1. I can respect someone that speaks their mind, maybe more people should.
    It is nice that you apologize for hurting people's feelings, but don't apologize for voicing an opinion ever.

  2. Great post :) You give me more confidence to stand up for what I believe in