Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making dreams real!

As part of a project for second year CreComm we have to propose and create an Independent Professional Project (IPP), it can be pretty much anything creative that you can sell to the scary panel of teachers that read your proposal and then interrogate you and your idea and attempt to rip it to shreds.

When the current second year students presented their IPPs, they offered advice to us first years who were in the process of conjuring up ideas. They said to do something that you are passionate about, and that you may never have the opportunity to do again, which really got me thinking....

What have I always wanted to do, am passionate about, and may never have the opportunity to do again??? Play college basketball!

I was inspired by a past blog post to take this idea and make it my IPP. I proposed to the panel that I train and make the Red River Rebels basketball team next year, I will blog about it and create a video documentary that will be posted online through the blog at the end of the basketball season. The working title: I wish I was a baller.

The panel approved my crazy idea, and now it looks like I am actually going to have to do this thing.... EEEP! ID camps start next week...

I guess it's time to start shooting some hoops!

Hoop Dreams
1oz - Vanilla Vodka
1oz - kaluah

-in a glass full of ice, pout in the liquor first, followed by the coke, and then top off with the milk (use equal parts milk and coke). Stir. Garnish with cherry.

Stay tuned for my new blog!!

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