Monday, March 21, 2011

It's over!!

If you wold have told me five years ago that I would be spending countless nights at school past closing time, begging the security guards to stay 'just a bit later' to do homework, I would've laughed at you. Right to your face.

But, somehow, this is my life now... And the creation of this magazine, this all-encompassing magazine is done!! I had no idea I had it in me to work this hard, and am so happy to say that it is done, and that the finished product lo
oks awesome (or as Al would say 'bitchin!)

HeadRush magazine is ready to be launched!!

Come down to the Creative Communications Magazine Trade Fair on Thursday, March 31st @ RRC's Exchange District Campus and check it us out!

Here's a sneak peak.....


  1. Looks great! I would like to see some bigger photos of the poster and the magazine cover though...

  2. Awesome work, Rach!! Thanks for the sneak peak tonight :)

  3. The Head Rush

    3oz Tequila
    2oz Lime Juice
    1oz Cointreau
    1/2 Can of RedBull
    2 cups of ice

    Blend at high speed until liquid, pour into large tumbler, insert two large cocktail straws, drink entire amount in one sip.