Friday, March 4, 2011

-37... What??

I have been quite fortunate in that my first Winnipeg winter in years had been kind to me. Over my holiday, whilst sitting at the pool bar enjoying my favorite slushy concoctions, people would say "Winnipeg, brrrr.... Sounds cold!!' To which I would reply, "actually it's not so bad." I spoke too soon

After another set of flight delays and yet another stop-over in Toronto, I made it back to Winnipeg after 8 incredible days spent with my old friends frolicking in the sun. I rushed to school, made it in the knick of time for my first class, only 2 minutes late. From class I went straight to work, and not even one day back from my holiday, already I was already too busy to realize that I had been on holiday at all.

The following day, I woke up to a beautiful Winnipeg day: minus 37 degrees with the windchill. For my friends from tropical lands who cannot comprehend what that feels like, (or do not believe me when I say that people actually live in a city where it gets that cold) it is a cold, harsh slap in the face. Your cheeks freeze almost immediately, running from your car to school/home/work, sometimes backwards as to not face the wind head-on, is necessary . It is terrible... beyond terrible, unbearable!!

Only 2 days before I was swimming in the sea, and skipping along the beach in the sand.

Like the Aussies and Caymanians who will read this (it was so great to hear you've been enjoying my blog, please keep reading) I also wonder, why the hell does anyone live here?? Sure, it's cheap... but what about the extra money spent on heating bills, a dependable car that will survive the cold, winter tires, and the sun getaway necessary to cope with the frigid temperatures? Yeah, the people are great, and good family and friends are here, but the city never changes nor do the people who live here (well, very seldomly), so why not live somewhere with a more temperate climate and come back and enjoy the city for it's benefits, the friendly Manitobans, in the summer??

Hmmmmmm...... I believe that was my life once upon a time, and must be again someday.

For our journalism class today we are traveling within Manitoba and writing a travel article about a city/town in our "beautiful" province. My group has the pleasure of traveling to Gimli, in the Icelandic language, Gimli means "paradise," however, I don't know that I'll agree with what anyone from the land-of-ice deems to be idyllic. Stay tuned for the article. Maybe it'll entice you to visit if this post hasn't turned you off of the idea of Manitoba forever.

Have a happy Friday, stay warm with my favourtie hot cocktail

-2oz baileys
-5 oz hot chocolate (made with milk and choco power)
-whipped cream
-chocolate shavings

-pretty self-explanitory, simplistic and delicious.

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