Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bring on the Bubbly!

To my dearest Bloggers, its been too long since my last confession, I apologize.

Even though I swore it wouldn't happen... I let the holidays get the best of me: working harder than Santas elves, taking and editing photos for my first issue as Photo Editor for the school newspaper, catching up with old friends I was forced to put on the back burner since CreComm has taken over my life..... It barely even felt like a holiday at all!

But now it is back at 'er, in full swing. Not to worry, there are plenty more Cocktails and Dreams in store ;)

to start off the New Year, here is a low-cal cocktail to help you keep your resolution without having to give up your Friday night happy hour.

Taylor Royale

-.5 oz Crème de Cassis (raspberry flavoured liqueur)
-.5 oz raspberry vodka
- 5 oz sparkling white wine
-frozen raspberries

-in a champagne flute pour in the Cassis and raspberry vodka, top with the sparkling wine. Add frozen raspberries. Cheers!

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  1. i feel exactly the same as you about those holidays... they bested me too!