Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year, New Look.

It was time. Time to come to terms with my current reality: I am no longer a beach bum living in paradise, swimming in crystal clear waters and walking along white sand beaches everyday... So why didn't my hair reflect that?

I had been a bleach blonde for the better part of four years, and there is some comfort in being blonde:
•men always notice you, I think it is in their dna to turn their head for any fair-haired woman who enters their line of sight.
•when you say dumb things, you can simply blame it on your hair color.

I had been thinking about going over to the dark side for some time, but it took a bruised heart and a New Year to make me want to make such a drastic change. It came with the results that I had hoped for: people commented that I looked smarter, (someone actually said "you don't look as stupid as you did before") more sophisticated, and more suited for this student/emerging professional phase of my life.

Now I am out to answer the age-old question: do blondes really have more fun??
So far, I would beg to differ ;)

I felt my blog needed a bit of a facelift to go along with my new pic... I would like to thank Alex Rohne for being the inspiration for both.

Brown Eyed-Girl
•1oz Vanilla Vodka
•1oz Kaluah

•In a glass full of ice, pour in Vanilla Vodka and Kaluah, then the coke (it is imperative to pour the coke in before the milk), and lastly, the milk. Top with a cherry and have a great weekend!

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