Sunday, October 24, 2010

Full Moon

I don't think I have ever thought that Winnipeg is a cool city. A cold city, yes, but definitely not a cool one... It must have been a full moon last night, because the city was enchanting....

I spent the majority of my precious weekend hours working a journalism assignment. Me and a couple of gals, including my fellow CreComm-er Hannah, decided that we needed to squeeze in at least a few hours of fun before Monday morning crept up on us.

We didn't head out until after midnight, and we ended up at a movie wrap-party that was happening in a massive studio apartment in the on the top floor of an old character building in Winnipeg's Exchange District (just down the street from my school, it is fast becoming my favourite part of the city.) A DJ was spinning amazing music on vinyl records, we danced for hours on end under red blue and green lazers that were coming from all corners of the room. Epic.

Out on the fifth floor fire escape to get some air, the view of the city was enchanting, the full moon gleamed over the historic buildings of the sleeping city. It was trippy and beautiful.

here is the quick and easy recipe Taylor made cocktail to make in a pinch!

-pour Blueberry Vodka and RockStar energy drink into a random coffee cup. Try to get your hands on some ice, and add as many cubes as you can. Give it a quick stir with your pinky finger, et Voila! You are ready to dance the night away! Cheers!

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  1. bahahahaha I JUST saw your cocktail recipe... so great. xoxoxox love you.