Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He says, she says.

Heya bloggers!!! I know it's been a whole week since my last confession,
forgive me, won't let that happen again.

It's official, CreComm has totally consumed my life. I thought that with not working I'd have all this time on my hands to do some of my favorite things that I haven't had the chance to lately; read a book for fun, write long-winded letters to my friends in all corners of the world, catch up on all the fantastic fall shows that I have waiting for me on pvr, to get some sleep.

Nope, I am in CreComm.

In this program, I am discovering what I can achieve under extreme pressure. I am challenged every day, and am forced to try things I never thought I would, like Twitter, and blogging :). I have never in life voted. I have little to no political interest, and here once again, CreComm has me doing something I never thought I would. I attended the Civic Election Mayoral candidates debate for CJOB radio held at Red River College's Princess street campus between Mayor Sam Katz and Judy Wasylycia-leis on Wednesday. I actually quite enjoyed it! Politics, who knew?

From the bits of knowledge on the subject that I have gathered in my journalism class, I had thought I would be all for Wasylycia-leis, the Opposition, who seems to have a detailed plan for how she will raise property taxes and put that $$ into crime prevention, rapid transit, and youth programs. None of these really affect me personally at the moment, but I can agree with them. I cannot help but admit there is also a bit of "support your fellow woman" in there as well.
Katz's plan on the other hand seemed like a grey area. He was great at skating around the fact that he doesn't have a platform. He is a smart, charming, well dressed man. A smooth talker that speaks with confidence and a dash of arrogance. He reminds me of persuasive men that have gotten the best of me in the past, but even so, I cannot help but like the guy. He seems to just ride on the fact that he did an okay job in his last 6 years as mayor, that he's brought Winnipeg sporting teams, cool concerts, and that we'll keep him on because he's good enough, and people are afraid of change. And in my opinion, I think he will win, although it may not be what is best for us.

At the best of times, the debate had me feeling inspired, as if just being there made me a part of something. Watching all the media there working in the jobs that I am now training to do was cool as well. At the worst of times, it felt like I was watching my parents fight and bicker, arguing about the same things over and over, beating a dead horse. During the breaks in the debate, the 2 candidates would exchange pleasantries, smile at one another, and I couldn't help but think of how much more interesting this whole thing would be if, secretly, the 2 candidates were having a scandalous love affair behind closed doors... Now there's a story!!

In my opinion, Sam Katz 'won' the debate. He called Wasylycia-leis "mom" twice. bahahaha! What a guy, our mayor!!

And here is a twist on a classic gin martini for our classy politicians out there.

Sex & Politics
-2oz Hendricks Gin
-dash dry vermouth
-2 cucumber slices

In a shaker full of ice, mix the gin & dry vermouth.
Shake it like you mean it!
Strain into a chilled martini glass
top with cucumber slices

*** Hendricks is a cucumber & rose Gin, and is critical in making this cocktail. The cucumber garnish brings out the flavour in the gin and makes this martini refreshing and much smoother than a classic gin martini.


  1. CreComm consumes you like consume consumes soup.

  2. oh kenton... haha
    LOVE a gin martini!