Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bday blues....

As we get older, time just goes by faster. Another year, where did it go?? How am I twenty-seven?? I don't feel a day over twenty-three, until of course I hang out with twenty-three year olds and then I realize that I indeed am not.

I guess it is always an emotional time, it is a marker of time that cannot help but make you think. Think about where you're at in life, weather it looks the way you thought it would by now, where you hope to be by the next one, and where you were last year and the year before. Birthdays on my little island in the sun were incredible!!! It is la-la land, where another year passed isn't about self-reflection or getting older... it means that the excuse for the party is you! I made the most amazing friends in my years on island, and with them, the birthday celebrations were spectacular: champagne brunches at ritzy hotels, slushy cocktails at a swim up pool bar where you know everybody in the pool and they are all signing happy birthday to you, water-sliding, cupcakes, drinking, dancing, singing karaoke, birthday hats and tiaras. O my Cayman birthdays were the best!!! Today, more than ever, I am wishing I was there....

School is great, but it I am frustrated with myself that my proof-reading skills suck and I have auto-failed (a term familiar to my fellow CreComm-ers) every journalism assignment to date. Most of my good friends from Winnipeg have since left and moved on to bigger and better things, and one of my best and only remaining friends here in Winnipeg and I are fighting, as she cannot get
any time off to spend with me on this birthday weekend, and bailed on plans we had for made for tonight a month ago. Fighting with her about something so petty sucks and hurts more than I can express in this time and space. She thinks I am being spoilt and immature, and maybe I am. Shouldn't your good friends want to celebrate with you?? Isn't that part of the deal??My Cayman friends are all getting together and going out for dinner at a new restaurant on island to celebrate my birthday, even in my absence, but my friends here cannot make the time or effort? My heart hurts and wants to be back home, in Cayman....

When it rains it pours, I guess, and right now, it is hurricane season.

Here is a favorite cocktail of mine that I hope helps with this case of the birthday blues

Blue & White Cosmo
2 oz Blueberry vodka (Stoli if you can)
.5 oz cointreau
2 oz white cranberry juice
2 lime wedges
3 blueberries (fresh or frozen)

  • pour the vodka, cointreau, the white cran juice into a shaker filled with ice
  • squeeze in the juice from the lime wedges
  • shake it like it's your birthday!!!
  • strain in a martini glass
  • garnish with blueberries
I will send you off with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite people

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." — Marilyn Monroe


  1. I know how you feel about turning 27... went through it beginning of last month. As much as it sucks, 27 is also turning out to be one of the best years on my life. You and me are sort of on the same boat as I think about it. Before this I was working jobs just to travel and hang out with friends in far away places. Adventures and parties were normal there and all the stresses in life didn't even show face. Most times away from Winnipeg were happy times! This year I turned 27 and this year I also took that major leap out of partying and traveling. I have anchored myself down to CreComm and most of my nights now have been in front of a computer typing up homework. People call on the weekends and it sucks because that's the only times I work to make some sort of income... so I don't have a life. Well... CreComm is now my life! lol... Think about it this way though, (this is what made me feel better!) at least you didn't take the leap two or three years from now! By 29 we'll be done and hopefully on our way to our careers and making real money again to travel and visit friends and have great birthdays drinking a "Taylor-Made"! You are already on the road to bigger and better things! Sorry to hear about what happened today! Hope it gets better :D!

  2. am i the 23 year old you're hanging out with? hmm?