Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome to my wonderful blog!!!

Hi friends!

So here it is, a little piece of me on the world wide web. With you I will share the tale of a twenty-something modern-day gypsy coming home again, even though they say you never can. From my years spent working in the hospitality industry and my adventures around the world, I have many anecdotes and hilarious stories to recount. I imagine this next undertaking, student life, will bring with it many new stories for you to enjoy. Being the klutzy, accident-prone, loud-mouth that I am, most of them are funny at at my own expense, but that's ok. As long as it makes you smile.

I hope you're thirsty, because I will also share with you my favourite drink recipes for you to try at home. Some my own creations, and some classic favourites with my own personal twist. Taylor-made by me for each posting. Cheers!!!

We'll start off with the first drink I put my name on. Please proceed with caution, these delicious Rockets will get ya!

The Rachelle Rocket
2oz Raspberry Vodka
1/2 can Sugarfree RedBull
2oz cranberry juice
2 lime wedges

-Pour all ingredients into a tumbler glass full of ice
(not 2 cubes, a great cocktail begins with lots of ice)
give it a quick stir and squeeze in the lime wedges.

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