Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That's how the cookie crumbles....

A weekend full of good times; Friday night bomber game with my journalism class for an assignment, some pre-bday celebrations with my high school girlfriends, and a newborn baby photo shoot (oh yeah, I am a photographer). Life finally seems to be going well, things are fitting into place; I feel comfortable in school, and am so happy in my new home with my 3 boy roommates (they are the biggest hunneys), and as my life seems to go, as soon as everything is going good, something is inevitably about to collapse.

The logistics aren't important nor will I waste your time with a lengthy tales of restaurant politics, but I was "let go" from my job as a server on Monday for a careless, meaningless mistake. They are looking to run a tighter and I was made an example of. In my opinion, I was treated unfairly, but, I know there is nothing to gain by dwelling on it. What's done is done. I have been working there off and on over the course of my adventures and in total I have given them almost 3 years of hard work. It is hard to pour your heart into a place, thinking you are an asset, only to be reminded in one measly error that you are just a shift-worker and replaceable at any moment. When it happened, I was of course sad and upset, and my ego was a little bit bruised. After the initial shock wore off however, I felt something completely unexpected: I feel free!

I believe that the universe works in mysterious ways, that things do really happen for a reason and you just have to take in what the world dishes out and listen to your instinct to figure out why it is happening and what you are meant to do from it; what is this experience meant to do for your greater good?? How are you going to get there?? I am quite intuitive and a part of me even knew this was coming... Clearly, I have some soul searching to do. Last time I had to find answers within myself and figure out who I wanted to become, and how I would get there I spent a month in Nicaragua. I volunteered in an orphanage and brushed up on my spanish skills for the first 2 weeks, and then spent my final 2 weeks on the coast learning to surf and doing yoga every night. It was an amazing experience, and it was then I come to the difficult decision that I would return home and go back to school... I believe it was the right one for me, but I obviously have something wrong for this to be happening. Ah! If only I could afford a soul-search vacay to a far off destination!!! Looks like I am going to have to figure this one out here in the peg. *sigh*

With my experience and contacts, it would be easy to go out and find another serving job, but something within me, my instinct (the same one my late father told me to always listen to in times of doubt) tells me that that isn't the right answer, I most definitely need a break... Luckily, I don't have to start working again just yet, and for the moment, I am going to do something that is extremely hard for me and my go-go-go personality: i am going to chill out, relax, and just be a student. Broke and all.

So, I know you are all concerned what impact this will have on my wonderful blog!? Not to worry kiddies, I still have plenty of cocktails & dreams in store for you... But today, I will share with you the recipe for my most favorite martinis from the bar where I spent a such a big portion of my winnipeg serving "career"
Oh viva-divas, I will miss you so.

1.5 oz smirnoff vodka
.5 oz mango passion liqueur
.5 oz peach liqueur
1oz each of pineapple & orange juices
dollop of peach bellini slush

-Start with bellini slush at bottom of martini glass
-mix all remaining ingredients together in a shaker and shake it like a poloroid picture
-strain into martini glass.
-smile & enjoy

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